Toronto Beauty Center & Academy is committed to providing excellence and performing to exceed our clients’ expectation with our superior and exclusive services which are being offered by our passionate team in various forms.

TBCI is one of the first places in Toronto to offer exclusive laser treatment and services that will be helping you to get treatment with an amalgamation of contemporary and ancient techniques to give you rich and beneficial experience of a laser treatment exclusively. We ensure to meet the premium standards while offering certified treatments and services with authentic and genuine products. We believe in maintaining the international quality standards in order to meet our clients’ requirements, we have highly qualified staff on board to offer you professional services at our Spa.

We are offering services and treatments which enable you to rejuvenate your positivity, beauty, and wellness in a real sense with our branded and superior-quality products. We are currently offering a wide range of hair care & skin care treatments, modern & contemporary makeup services and holistic services that will help you to focus and integrate your mind, soul, and body.

One of the most anticipated and exclusive services that we are offering FIRST-TIME in Canada are 3D nail-print art – The 3d nail-print art is trendy and fashionable way to exhibit your creativity with a statement.

Moreover, we are offering health, wellness and fitness related services that are approved by the international standards for health and wellness. We have highly effective weight loss & weight gain packages including body sculpting and body contouring with high-end treatments and services that allow you to maintain your weight naturally. We are one of the few in the country to offer authentic Ayurvedic body treatments, which one of the oldest and effective holistic treatments.

Our team ensures to provide you quality services and treatments with high-end & superior quality products, including Organic treatments and authentic Dermalogica products and much more. We are also offering a wide-range of beauty and cosmetic products, Introducing TBI cosmetics.

In case of any inquiry regarding our services and treatments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Team


Dr.Mubashara Khan


Dr. Mubashara Khan is a renowned and highly qualified professional in the field of Wellness & Health. She has always been appreciated and recognized for her exceptional achievements and remarkable efforts for the well-being of Soul, Mind and Body.

Mubashara Khan was a bright learner and achiever since the early days of her educational period; she has been appreciated for her brilliance and awarded with numerous scholarships for her passion for learning throughout her academic career.

To begin with her achievements, she started her career as an educational directress in a young age, but later the passion and aptitude for the well being and fitness lead her to explore the vast field of Wellness and Health. She started enrolling in various courses in the related fields, and the interest grew to the extent that Mubashara Khan decided to opt for professional degrees and education in the field, and since then there’s no turning back for her.

To name a few achievements and qualifications, Dr. Mubashara Khan is professionally qualified in BioPhysics Healing, Yoga (Various Forms), Oriental Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Medical Aesthetics, Holistic Science Education, Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Bio Technology, Feng Shui Practice, Sound Therapy, Dermatology (Non-Surgical), NLP, Silva Method, Reiki Grand Master and Psycho-Spiritual Therapy. Lastly, she’s Doctorate in Alternate Medicine, MPHIL in Sports Science and PHD in Homeopathy. She has successfully completed all the aforementioned degrees and courses with the distinctions from prominent institutes and universities abroad.

With the grace of ALLAH, Dr. Mubashara Khan is one of the few professionals in the country with the highest level of qualification as well as now over two decades of experience to cherish.

The knowledge and experience of Dr. Mubashara Khan have always been acknowledged and appreciated by the media houses and the corporate world. She has been invited as an esteemed guest and speaker in numerous TV shows, the corporate events, awareness seminars and workshops all across the country. Also, being concerned about the wellness and health issues, she herself conducts a number of free seminars and workshops for the awareness purposes.

The “Light of Yoga” is a phenomenal book written by Dr. Mubashara Khan to spread the awareness regarding Yoga and how it can bring a positive change in our personal lives.

Dr. Mubashara Khan conducts sessions for corporate members depending on the requirements, it can be related to Self-Grooming, Meditation, Stress Management, Yoga Alignment of Body, Mind & Soul, Nutrition & Natural Therapies, Spiritual Therapies, Fitness Guidance Sessions, and Skincare & Makeover Workshops. Also, the sessions can be custom-made as per requirements, kindly contact the PR team for more information.


Bursheen Ramzan

Head Manager , Medical Aesthetician , Educator

“Life’s too short to live each day twice, which motivates me & makes me believe I can make a difference in this world” – BURSHEEN

Bursheen is a young and passionate entrepreneur, specialized in the field of skin care therapy – Born & raised in Canada, Bursheen has spent her childhood & early life traveling and exploring the beauty and culture of different countries all around the globe.

While traveling since the early age, she’d a wonderful opportunity to interact with new people and learning about diverse cultures & ethnicities in a routine …

Bursheen loves to explore and learn new & innovative techniques of education. Her passion for becoming skilled has enabled her to hold multiple certifications and diplomas from the most renowned schools of the world at the young age of 23.

She has authentic certifications in Skin Care Therapy, Laser Technician, Micro Blading , Eyelash Extension, Life Coach, Masters is Makeup, Hair care, Styling, Designing as well as a Masters in Yoga, Silk Yoga & Sound therapy. Acknowledging her talent & expertise in the field, Bursheen has been always invited by several TV channels to be their admired guest & host to various prominent shows, the top-notch events, and influential gatherings.

Bursheen believes in the philosophy of sculpting minds & faces for a reformed individualistic being. Despite being young herself, she aims to influence and motivate youngsters through blogs, workshops, and interactive group sessions.

Being a philanthropist at heart, Bursheen has started a small yet influential Non-Profit Organization with the name of “Humanity”, which intends to help the underprivileged of South East Asia – She’s remarkably helping a number of families with food, shelters, education, clothing & other basic necessities of day to day life.

Bursheen lives on the terms of harmony & love, and therefore aims to teach and help others to make this world a better place to live.

So, wondering what’s yet to come from this ball of fire?

Well, the talented & vivacious Bursheen is currently working on various new projects; including an enticing makeup line, i.e. Bnb beauty official cosmetics – also the two most anticipating books “Life Coach” & “Eat Your Cravings Away”. Lastly, an interesting & engaging blog, that will fulfill your love of Makeup & Beauty, Fitness & Wellness, Fashion & Decor and all you need to stay in high spirits.

Bursheen has loads to offer in form exciting services, amazing training & workshops to beautify your outer look & boost your mind-power…Truly believes in “The beauty is in you”