We are expert in providing extra ordinary royal massage called shirodhara. If you are suffering from anxiety or mental stress then it is the best treatment ever.

Gem Therapy

Toronto beauty spa also provides excellent gem therapy. The vibrations of gems provide you smooth and relaxing change in mind body also give you healing effects.

Traditional Cupping Therapy

Toronto spa also provides special cupping therapy. It is really effective to remove stagnant blood and lymph from body for the treatment of various respiratory diseases.

Color Therapy

We are also expertise in providing color therapy. Colors leave positive effects on mind and body, thus it is one of the best treatment to heal stress.

Sound therapy

Music is food for soul. Our sound therapist heal you tension and routine stress in few minutes by providing you the best body sound sensation.


Enjoy a relaxing treatment through highly effective technique discover by Japanese. Treat your soul, mind and spirit with a great sensation. Our specialized team will make you feel relax and offers you mind satisfaction with the help of Reiki.


Modify your behavior and revive your suppressed memories with highly relaxing treatment of hypnosis. Make your important suggestions after recovering all stress and anxiety.


Relax your whole body with highly effective treatment of reflexology. From feet to head get rid from tension and take a deep breath of relaxation.


Give a light and soothing pressure to thumbs, elbows and knees, enjoy long term relaxation with a highly tension curing Shiatsu massage. Let your body breath without any tension and stress.

Feng shui consultation

Relax your body with greatly effective massage known as Feng shui consultation. In this body meet the relaxation like be in space. Placing stone on different points make body relax and enjoying.

Mud Therapy

We also provide the best suitable mud therapy just according to your skin tone. Our experts select special mud which provides you complete body relaxation and stress relief.

Body Wrap Mud Therapy

Our experts provide complete body wrap mud therapy in which you feel highly comfortable relaxing. It will not only relax you, it also provide muscles relaxation.

Body Polish

Our experts also provide complete treatment of body polish with special ingredients which provide smooth body texture for long term.

Shahi Ubtan body polish

Our bridal experts also deal in shahi ubtan body polish. We provide you complete treatment of full body ubtan made up of truly natural ingredients which give you full bridal color.